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The MOST COMPLETE Haircut Tutorial EVER! | How to CUT MEN'S HAIR with SCISSORS and Clippers

The Most complete guide to Men's haircutting ever is now available on YouTube. Watch as I display every skill I have acquired to become a SIX FIGURE Barber. Hairstyles come and go and if you want to be considered one of the best you must have knowledge of all the latest Trends and Styles. In this video I show how to cut men's hair with Scissors as well as how to cut men's hair with Clippers also I Blow- dry styling and Men's eyebrow shaping.

╍╍Contents of this video╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍

0:00 - Intro

0:48 - Drop Fade guideline

1:26 - The Fade

8:11 - Scissor Work

10:29 - Product application & Blow dry style

13:59 - Eyebrow Clean up

15:26 - Before & After

1. The Style - Drop Fade Men's hair cuts and styles in 2021 are everything. Everyone wants that Clean look or that tight fade. In this video I teach How to Cut a drop fade. The drop fade is a great fade that can go well with any hairstyle wether you have straight hair and are rocking a comb over like the guy in this video or if you have waves on top with a drop fade either way it can look Great!

2. The Guideline Your Guideline will determine the type of fade you do. In learning How to Cut Mens Hair with Clippers always start with the proper guideline to have accurate fade placement

3. The Fade Use your Clipper of Choice! You can decide what tools will suit you best when Cutting men's hair with clippers. The clippers of choice in this video are the Wahl Seniors 1919. I teach a fading system that will be very easy to attempt and accomplish.

4. Scissor Work I also teach How to cut mens hair with Scissors in this video. This skill is something I feel every barber should learn. Unfortunately there are many schools that aren't equipped to teach this skill. I show how to cut mens hair with blending scissors as well as How to cut men's hair with scissors that have straight blades. I also show some of my most secret techniques that I have never heard anyone else share ever.

5. Product and Style A lot of people don't know the full benefits of a good blow dry style for men. In all actuality you don't need any product but for holding throughout the day it is recommended. Learn how to blow dry style mens hair in this video as well as best hair products for men. How to blow dry mens hair.

6. The Hard Part It should be the easy part but so many barbers blow this! Hard parts are actually two sections the top line and the bottom line. you clear out the space between and complete the look. Simple as that!

7. The Edge Up This step is considered optional in cutting men's hair depending on the ethnicity of your client, but you should always ask to see if its something they usually get or if they want it done. In learning how to cut men's hair one of most important things to learn is how to give and edge up or line up.

8. Eyebrow Clean up Today's men are looking to be clean all around. This look also includes mens eyebrow clean up or shaping. This video covers just that! Learn the next level techniques produced in the barbershop to take men's haircuts to the next level.

9 Razor Blade The preferred finishing tool of barbers around the world learn how to properly use a straight razor and How to complete men's haircuts in 2021.

╍╍About Deadstock ╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍╍

Deadstock Barbershop is a #HaircutTutorial channel. Deadstock is all about the Culture we combined our love for Sneaker and Basketball Culture with the Barbering world and hence Deadstock Barbershop was Birthed. The content created for this channel is designed for the consumption of any and everyone wanting to become a licensed Professional barber, an at-home haircutter or if you are pro thats looking to take your skills to the next level. Either way we have what you need! On this Channel we also provide product and tool reviews as well as finical advice from tips i've learned as a Six figure a year Barber (I am not a financial advisor). Why Deadstock? I have Invested countless dollars and hours into the barbering craft! Taking Class after Class and buying Product after Product I pride myself on knowing whats trending and how to accomplish the cut! My desire is to impart this knowledge on anyone looking to grow and make it in the industry that I love.

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