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From the day we opened our doors in Rockwall in 2020, we have earned our spot as a top Barbershop in town. We offer unparalleled grooming while respecting the busy schedules of our clientele. We will have you looking great and on your way as soon as possible.

We exist solely to do our part of making individuals feel as good on the inside as they look the outside once they leave our chairs!

DeadStock Barbershop was founded and created by Christopher Minnieweather. Growing up on the Northside of Portland, Oregon, his life was heavily influenced by Basketball and Sneaker culture. 

With the Nike World Campus being only minutes away from his home, coupled with professional athletes frequenting his schools and after-school programs, Christopher fell in love with Basketball and Sneakers. His dream job was to work for Nike, but something changed when he received his first pair of barber clippers from his older brother at the age of 15. Christopher discovered a new passion that gave him purpose and meaning. Christopher embarked on a lifelong journey, one where he services the external and internal needs of his clients through grooming. He realized that the same way people felt when putting on a brand new pair of Nike Airs is similar to rocking a fresh haircut. He saw that something was uplifting that transpires when you have a fresh haircut and as Primetime once said,

 “If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”

 — Deion Sanders

Hence the ideology of DeadStock Barbershop was birthed. Christopher has spent the past 20 years mastering his craft through every continuing education option imaginable. This commitment included attending numerous hands-on courses, online courses, expos, and workshops across the country. Christopher now takes all of that education and experience and gives it away on the Deadstock Barbershop YouTube channel, where he has over 30k subscribers. If you were to ask what pushes Christopher to new heights in his endless pursuit of mastery, he would answer that his genuine love for people is what drives his commitment. Through compassion, encouragement, and the willingness to listen to what others are feeling or saying, Christopher has established the DeadStock way of affecting lives by making sure customers are Fresh From Head To Toe.


Yeah! All of that sounds good, but what the heck does Deadstock mean?


Well, we are glad you asked! Head over to our Terminology page to have all of your questions answered! See you there!

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